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How Many Amps Do 12 Volt LED Lights Draw?

2023 05 04 20 08 49

LED lights are efficient and environmentally friendly lighting products. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights have higher energy efficiency, longer lifespan, and better color rendering.

However, the electrical characteristics of LED lights are different from traditional lighting fixtures, especially when it comes to calculating current, which requires more careful consideration.

In this article, I will provide a detailed introduction to the method of calculating current for 12-volt LED lights, as well as how to reduce the current of LED lights. I will also introduce the lighting products of the KOSOOM brand.

What is LED lighting?

1、Working principle of LED lighting

The term “light-emitting diode,” or LED, refers to a device whose operation relies on the photoelectric effect of semiconductor materials. Electrons are excited from a low energy level to a high energy level when current flows through a semiconductor material, releasing photons of energy, or light.

The lighting industry is seeing an increase in the use of LED lights since they outperform traditional incandescent bulbs in terms of luminous efficiency and lifespan.

2、Benefits and drawbacks of LED illumination

Despite having some drawbacks, such as a high initial cost and uneven light intensity, LED lights have many benefits, including high energy efficiency, a long lifespan, shock resistance, and environmental friendliness. However, as technology continues to advance, a wider range of applications for LED lights in the lighting sector are becoming possible.

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LED light power and current

1、LED light power

The energy used by an LED light per second, expressed in watts (W), is referred to as the LED light’s power. In contrast to conventional incandescent bulbs, LED lights typically have power outputs between 1 and 20W.

2、LED light voltage

The quantity of electrons flowing through an LED light is referred to as its current and is expressed in amperes (A). The voltage and LED resistance values must be known in order to compute the current of an LED light.

Current equals voltage divided by resistance, in accordance with Ohm’s law. In general, the current can be computed using the formula shown below for a 12-volt LED light:

  • Current (A) = Voltage (V) / Resistance (ohms)

However, the resistance value of an LED light is not a fixed value, but varies with temperature. Therefore, the change in resistance value must be considered when calculating the current. In addition, different types of LED lights have different current requirements, and the current should be calculated based on the actual situation.

How to reduce the current of LED lights

There are several ways to reduce the current of LED lights:

  • Choose the appropriate resistance value:
    Select the appropriate resistance value according to actual needs to ensure that the LED light current meets the specified requirements.
  • Use an LED driver circuit:
    The LED driver circuit can adjust the current and voltage according to actual needs, thereby achieving precise control of the LED light.
  • Use a PWM controller:
    The PWM controller can control the brightness and current of the LED light by adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM wave, achieving the goal of reducing the current of the LED light.

KOSOOM Brand Lighting Products

As an expert in the lighting industry, KOSOOM brand has rich experience and high-quality products in the field of commercial lighting. In addition to 12-volt LED lights, KOSOOM brand also offers various other lighting products, such as LED track lighting, LED linear lighting, LED downlights, and more.

Our professional team will recommend the most suitable LED lighting products for you based on your specific needs, ensuring the best lighting effect in your commercial space.

In commercial lighting, KOSOOM brand’s LED lights have been widely applied. Our LED lights have received high praise from customers and have become the preferred choice in the commercial lighting market.

In addition to LED lights, we also provide various other commercial lighting solutions, such as lighting planning, product selection, and post-maintenance. Our goal is to provide customers with one-stop lighting solutions and make your commercial space shine.

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Among KOSOOM brand’s lighting products, LED track lighting are a very popular product. Our LED track lights have excellent design and functionality, which can bring high-quality lighting effects to commercial spaces. In addition, our LED track lights also have adjustable color and brightness, which can be adjusted according to actual needs.

In addition to LED track lighting, KOSOOM brand’s  are also a very popular product. Our LED linear lighting use high-quality LED chips, which can bring stable and uniform lighting effects to commercial spaces. In addition, our LED linear lighting also come in a variety of styles and colors to meet various commercial space lighting needs.

When purchasing LED lights, it is important to calculate the current of the LED lights to ensure that they meet actual needs and regulatory requirements. At the same time, choosing high-quality LED lighting products is also crucial. KOSOOM brand is a trustworthy supplier of lighting products, providing various high-quality and efficient LED lighting products and commercial lighting solutions, bringing ideal lighting experience to your commercial space.

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