How LED Lighting Affects Productivity and Sleep Quality in Workspaces

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Different types of lighting have different effects on the human body. When we work, we need to be energized and focused, while when we sleep, we need to secrete melatonin to promote good sleep and maintain our circadian rhythms.

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LED lights can emit light in any color, but when we study, sleep, or play, how should we choose our lighting or light color?

The best LED color for different tasks


To make learning more focused and keep a clear mind, it is important to maintain proper concentration time. Lighting, as a key factor in visual perception, plays a significant role in attention concentration. Below, we analyze the effects of different color temperatures of light on work or study.

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  • Cool blue (6500K)

The cool blue LED color belongs to the category of cool light, with a color temperature of around 6500K. As this light simulates sunlight at noon, with more blue light, it promotes concentration in the human body, making this color temperature lamp the most suitable for study and work.

When standard indoor lighting causes headaches or discomfort during learning, you can switch to 6500K color temperature for studying.

The reason is that 6500K color temperature contains more blue light, and our body’s hormone melatonin and the pigment in our eyes called melanopsin are selectively sensitive to blue light wavelengths. When our eyes receive blue light, melanopsin inhibits the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a well-known hormone that controls sleepiness, and blue light can keep us alert and focused.

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  • Cool white (5000K)

For improving work efficiency, cool white light is one of the most popular LED color temperatures because of its clear and transparent light, providing a different visual experience. It is like the sunlight we receive around 10 in the morning when we are energetic.

This LED color also focuses on distributing work and providing a bright appearance, which helps you stay focused during study. It is vibrant and more efficient. This color of LED lights can provide a bright and clear vision, encouraging you to stay focused.

  • Natural white (4000K)

Natural white is the most suitable color for long-term work of the human body. The color temperature of around 4000K gives people a warm feeling in a state of alertness, making this color temperature ideal for reading and studying with a calm mind and high efficiency.

It is well known that studying under sunlight is more comfortable and helps to concentrate. The warmer or softer the lighting tone, the more tired and relaxed you will feel, which is not the appropriate standard for learning. On the contrary, bright lighting will encourage you to stay alert and energized, which is necessary when studying.


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  • Warm-colored light

A calm light color is crucial for high-quality and better sleep, as it provides a warm and relaxing feeling during sleep. For example, warm-colored light, which contains more red light, can promote the secretion of melatonin.

After using a computer or smartphone, the blue light from the screen keeps the body in an excited state, and both the eyes and the body need soothing light to relax and enter a restful rhythm.

Choosing warm-colored light can help reduce the harm of blue light to the eyes and promote better sleep. The warm spectrum light indicates a neutral effect on melatonin secretion, which will help calm the body and induce sleep.

  • Sleeping time in different color environments

The light in the environment affects the length of sleep time. When the environment has warm-colored light, the human body’s sleep time is shortened, while the sleep time becomes longer with white or cool-colored light.

Based on specific experiments and research, researchers have determined the time required to fall asleep in advance.

According to the wavelength of the LED color, the time required to fall asleep is:

White – 21.2 minutes
Darkness – 21.1 minutes
Random non-preferred color: 16.8 minutes
Favorite color – 12.3 minutes.


  • Blue

Blue represents technology and the future, which is very popular among boys. Here, it does not mean that you should paint all the walls blue. Instead, use some blue light strips to decorate the room or put blue artwork in the room.

Blue is also a symbol of vitality, and combining it with neon blue, neon lights, and pink light effects can emit a wild atmosphere. If you want to be more crazy, you can enhance the overall liveliness of the room by adding disco lights. You will have a different experience.

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  • White

White is a common and frequently used color for many spaces. It can match any other color, and if the entire space is white, it gives people a clean and bright feeling. If you need a calm and stable mentality when playing games in the room, a white space is a good choice.

At the same time, a white room can also give people a feeling of elegance. Choosing white finishes with matte or coarse texture can reflect less light, making the entire space more soft and comfortable.

  • RGB lighting

Using RGB lighting in the room gives people a cool feeling, just like many game interfaces, which have a sense of future technology.

If you are a cyberpunk player, you will definitely be keen on combining RGB lighting to create an atmosphere of color collision in the space. Of course, you can also adjust the entire space to forest green, blue-green, and other tones. Configuring a unique atmosphere for each of your games is also the most distinctive feature of RGB lighting. It is not a fixed color, but can be adjusted and implemented immediately according to your creativity.

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