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How Do You Make Your Led Lights Rainbow?

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RGB Color LED Strip Lights Composition and Characteristics

RGB color LED strip lights are composed of red, green and blue LEDs. By adjusting the brightness ratio of the three primary color LEDs, seven colors of light can be generated to achieve a rainbow effect.

Compared with ordinary single-color LED strip lights, RGB color LED strip lights can create richer and more romantic lighting effects. It can not only achieve gradual color changes, but also produce jumping color transformations, bringing a unique visual experience.

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Control Methods of RGB Color LED Strip Lights

We can choose the control mode of RGB color LED strip lights to achieve manual, timed or intelligent driven rainbow changing effects.

  • The manual button control mode is simple but cannot automatically change.
  • The timer controller can pre-drive automatic changes, but the color choices are single and not suitable for complex rainbow effects.
  • The smartphone APP via WiFi can remotely control colors and change modes, which is the best choice to achieve complex rainbow effects.
It can bring simple to complex color changes to meet the needs of visual experience.

Selection of RGB Color LED Strip Lights  

When choosing RGB color LED strip lights, we need to consider the type, density and power of LEDs. Nichia LED can provide purer colors. Density and power determine the brightness, generally 15-20 pieces/meter and 0.5-1 watt are the best.

RGBW white LED strip lights add white LEDs to provide higher brightness and softer color temperature, especially suitable for situations that require a cozy atmosphere.

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Installation and Layout of LED Strip Lights 

Choose the installation system, arrangement and layout to maximize the effect of RGB color LED strip lights.
  • The LED track lighting system can make a wide range of adjustments to produce a three-dimensional rainbow effect, suitable for stages and exhibitions.
  • Installing multiple sections of led lights strips on the ceiling or wall and adjusting the position and angle can create a “rainbow wave” effect, suitable for home and commercial decoration.
  • Dense arrangement of light is concentrated and suitable for focusing; sparse arrangement of light is soft and suitable for overall lighting.

Demonstration of Different Rainbow Change Effects

Flexibly set the change time, order, speed and area, simple to complex rainbow effects.The faster and more jumping the change, the more shocking the visual effect; the more gradual, the more natural the feeling.

Choose the most suitable effects and change modes to achieve the ideal rainbow effect.

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RGB color flexible led strip lights provide creative design and color change possibilities. Control mode selection is key to achieving the effect.
Comprehensively consider the color selection requirements and the complexity of the change effect to choose the best control mode to modulate a gorgeous rainbow effect.

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