How Bright Is A 30 Watt Led Light: SKOSOOM LIGTH Guide

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The brightness of 30 watt LED lights mainly depends on the following factors.

The brightness of a 30 watt high efficiency LED lamp can generally be equivalent to the following natural light environment.

4000 lumens, color temperature 4000-5000K, wide angle light: equivalent to cloudy day or cloudy afternoon.
3000 lumens, color temperature 3000K, medium angle light: equivalent to evening or cloudy dusk.
3500 lumens, color temperature 6500K, narrow angle spot light: equivalent to early morning sunlight or fog light.
And a 30-watt inefficient LED lights, its brightness of about 2,000 lumens may only be equivalent to the natural ambient light of cloudy dusk or evening.
In addition, other factors need to be considered such as the Ra value of LED lights (color reproduction index), the degree of ambient light pollution, etc., which will also have a certain effect on the human eye perception of natural light equivalence

At present, the mainstream 30-watt LED lamp lumens generally in 2000 to 4000 lumens or higher, the higher efficiency of the product can reach 100lm / W or more. The higher the lumen value, the greater the brightness of the corresponding

Applicable environment

Living room, bedroom
Kitchen, dining room
Commercial lighting.
Shops, supermarkets
Restaurants, cafe
Office: Industrial lighting. Factory workshop Warehouse
Other:Hospital School

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the efficiency of the LED chip.

In general, high-efficiency LED chips can produce higher lumens (lm). The current mainstream 30-watt LED lights use LED chip efficiency is generally between 100-140lm / W, there are also very efficient products close to 200lm / W.

the number of LEDs.

The number of LEDs used in each LED lamp also directly affects the overall lumens. Generally speaking, the more LEDs, the higher the brightness.

Optical design:

The optical design of the LED lamp, such as reflectors and lenses, affects the aggregation and orientation of the LED light, which in turn affects the brightness. Quality optical design can produce higher brightness.

heat dissipation conditions.

the brightness of the LED will be reduced with the rise in temperature, so the LED lamp heat dissipation conditions is also a factor affecting the brightness. The better the heat dissipation effect of the LED lamp, the smaller the loss of brightness.

According to the above factors, the brightness of the current mainstream 30-watt LED lamp is generally in:
High efficiency LED + multiple LED + high quality optical design + good heat dissipation: 3000-4000 lumens or so, the brightness is close to 100W of traditional lamps.
Medium efficiency LED + common optical + general heat dissipation: 2000-3000 lumens, slightly lower brightness but can also meet most lighting needs.
Low-efficiency LED + simple optical + poor heat dissipation: probably only 1000-2000 lumens, compared to other products darker, less than ideal.
In general, a 30-watt LED lamp, to achieve comparable brightness with 100W traditional lamps, or the need to use efficient LED chips, scientific optical design and good heat dissipation structure. As long as there is protection in these aspects, 30-watt LED lights can also provide very ideal lighting brightness. But if there are large concessions in the design and quality, 30-watt LED lights may only be the actual brightness of 50-70W traditional lamps and lanterns.

kosoom Tip:All of the above factors are related to brightness

Amazon hot Product Specifications:led ligthing

LED chip: high efficiency LED chip (100lm / W or more) x multiple pieces
Color temperature: 2700-6500K optional
CRI: more than 80
Optical design: reflection cup + bubble pressure mold lens
Heat dissipation: aluminum substrate + heat sink fins
Main performance.
Lumens (brightness): 200-300 lumens (high efficiency LED and good heat dissipation design)
100-200 lumens (medium efficiency LED and general heat dissipation)
50-100 lumens (low efficiency LED and poor heat dissipation)
Illumination: 200 lumens, 1 meter illumination is about 6.5lx
Power consumption: 3 watts, power consumption 0.264 kWh / hour
Color temperature: can choose 2700-6500K different color temperature, to achieve different lighting effects
Life: 15,000-30,000 hours (reference data)
equivalent traditional lamps: 20-30W small power bulbs
price: 10-30 dollars / only (reference price)
Scope of application.
Ember lighting: stairs, aisles, storage rooms, etc.
Decorative lighting: landscape, outside the building lighting, etc.
Focused lighting: reading lights
Overall, 3 watt LED light is a low power and high efficiency lighting product. The use of high-quality LED and design, its 200-300 lumens of brightness can meet the needs of certain shimmering lighting and decorative lighting, but also has the advantage of low power consumption and long life. But overall, as a general home lighting or more inadequate, more suitable for the role of auxiliary lighting.Recommended led track lighting solutions

30 watt LED lights and 3 watt LED lights in the brightness and lighting there are major differences.

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Mainly reflected in: the lumen value difference is large. 30 watt LED lamp lumen is generally in 2000-4000 lumens or higher, can reach or exceed 100W traditional lamps. And 3 watt LED lamp lumens are usually only 200-500 lumens, equivalent to 20-40W traditional light bulbs, the brightness is significantly darker.
different scope of application. 30 watt LED lights can be used for general lighting in the family living room, dining room, bedroom, office, etc. The brightness of 3 watt LED lights are only suitable for small space shimmering lighting or decorative lighting for larger spaces.

color temperature options.

30 watt LED lights can provide 2700-6500K and other different color temperature to meet different lighting effects. And 3 watt LED lights can choose the color temperature is relatively single.
large differences in life. High-power LED lights generally longer life, 30-watt LED lamp life is usually in 25,000-50,000 hours or more. 3-watt LED lamp life in 10,000-15,000 hours, compared to a shorter life.

price difference.

Compared with the 3-watt LED lights, 30-watt LED lights are significantly higher prices, especially the use of high-quality LED chips and materials products. However, taking into account the difference in service life, the overall cost of using 30-watt LED lights are still more economical.

Overall, 30-watt LED lights and 3-watt LED lights in the performance and characteristics of significant differences. 30-watt LED lights are suitable for general lighting, can provide the ideal brightness and life, more economical. The main function of the 3-watt LED lamp is more focused on shimmering or decorative lighting.

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