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How Bright is a 100W LED Floodlight? KOSOOM GUIDE

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How Bright is a 100W LED Floodlight? KOSOOM GUIDE

100W LED floodlight is a common outdoor lighting product. Its brightness can be assessed in the following ways

Luminous flux: A 100W LED floodlight typically provides 8000-14000 lumens of luminous flux, which can meet the basic lighting needs for outdoor areas such as courtyards, gardens, parking lots, etc. High quality products can reach up to 16000 lumens or more.

Illuminance: A 100W LED floodlight can achieve an illuminance of 15-30 lux within 10 meters, 10-20 lux within 15 meters, and 5-15 lux within 20 meters. This is sufficient for basic area lighting and security lighting.

Beam angle: 100W LED floodlights typically have a beam angle of 60-90° or 120° for wide area lighting. A wider beam angle means a larger illuminated area but slightly lower illuminance. Some products have an adjustable beam angle for more flexible control.

Color temperature: The color temperature of 100W LED floodlights is usually in the range of 3000K to 6500K. 3000-4200K is more yellowish and suitable for outdoor residential lighting. 5000-6500K appears whiter and brighter, suitable for industrial areas.

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Waterproof rating

A good 100W LED floodlight should have at least an IP65 waterproof rating. The higher the waterproof rating, the better performance in outdoor humid environments.

IP65 is a basic requirement for LED floodlights, which can resist water spray and dust, but not long-term immersion. It can work normally in most outdoor environments, but not suitable for extremely bad weather. Products with higher IP rating have more stable performance under these conditions.
IP66 can resist strong water spray and flushing, suitable for long-term use in some humid environments such as tunnels and building exteriors. It can extend product life.
IP67-IP68 products are submersible and can resist temporary immersion, ideal for some extreme weather such as typhoon season or seaside environments. They can effectively withstand the impact of external harsh factors on the product.
In addition to water resistance, dust resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance and other ratings are also important. Outdoor products with high protection ratings have longer service life and more stable performance. This is also a factor to consider when choosing lighting products.
Water resistance only ensures that the product will not be damaged by water ingress, but does not mean that its illumination performance and heat dissipation effect can also perform optimally in a humid environment. Other environmental conditions such as temperature and ventilation still need to be considered during use to ensure long-term stable operation of the product.

IP rating is one of the important indicators that LED floodlights are suitable for outdoor and humid environments. Products with higher ratings have more stable and reliable performance and longer service life. However, the light effect also depends on other environmental conditions. The IP rating alone does not fully guarantee the best working condition of the product. Both product selection and use require comprehensive consideration to choose the best product for the needs and environment.

KOSOOM ligthing vs Natural Light For example

Sunset lighting: The warm color temperature of 2000-3000K provided by a 100W LED floodlight can create a lighting atmosphere similar to sunset, but the lighting angle and infrared light spectrum are different.
Sunny daylight: A 100W LED floodlight can achieve a moderate illumination intensity like sunny daylight, but the spectrum is discontinuous, the color temperature and light quality are different.
High pressure sodium lamp: A 100W LED floodlight can replace a high pressure sodium lamp to provide similar illumination intensity and angle, but the spectrum is more continuous, the color temperature and light quality are higher.
Though 100W LED floodlights cannot replicate natural light, they serve cities by ensuring nighttime safety, security and aesthetics. Complementing smart cities, they will continue improving and progressing. When choosing lighting, we should consider its broad impacts and possibilities.
100W LED floodlights cannot fully match natural light, but for outdoor areas like yards, parking lots, tunnels, plazas, and stadiums, they remain an economical, efficient and multifunctional solution with increasing potential. This demonstrates the promising future of LED lighting outdoors.

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Application range of kosoom LED floodlights

road lighting: 100 watt LED flood light can replace traditional street lights to provide uniform lighting for community roads and pedestrian paths, improving the travel environment at night. Its high luminous efficiency and long life can significantly reduce the cost of road lighting.
Building exterior lighting: 100 watt LED floodlight affordable price and performance can be used for residential buildings, commercial buildings and other building exterior lighting, highlighting the overall contour of the building, to create a beautiful effect.
Tunnel lighting: 100 watt LED floodlight with good waterproof performance is suitable for tunnel top and entrance lighting, providing a safe and energy-saving lighting solution.
Square lighting: By adjusting the arrangement and combination of multiple 100 watt LED floodlights and diffusion angle, it can illuminate the square area more evenly, creating a good night landscape effect.
Stadium lighting: Using 100 watt LED floodlights can illuminate the stadium stands, parking lots, surrounding roads and other areas, which is a stable, efficient and economic lighting solution.

we can see that 100 watt LED floodlights are not only suitable for basic security monitoring and area lighting, but also can play an important role in a wider range of areas including roads, buildings, tunnels, squares, stadiums, etc., becoming a cost-effective and multifunctional outdoor lighting solution. This further validates the prospects of LED light sources in the field of outdoor lighting for a wide range of applications.

Compared with LED floodlights, LED track lighting adopts a more flexible design. By adjusting the position of the lamp head on the track, it can change the lighting angle and effect. This makes it very suitable for illuminating relatively complex shapes or areas that require flexible changes, such as art galleries, exhibition centers, conference spaces, etc. It can easily transition from spot lighting to diffuse lighting.
The light from a single LED track light is usually softer. Multiple lamp heads are needed to achieve the brightness similar to a 100W LED floodlight. However, by using lamp heads with different beam angles and color temperatures in combination, it can create a richer lighting effect that perfectly combines basic lighting and decorative lighting. This is also one of the technical advantages of LED track lighting.

KOSOOM Summary

100W LED floodlight can provide adequate and economical outdoor lighting for areas such as courtyards, parking lots, billboards, low-level security monitoring, etc. However, for lighting projects with higher requirements on illuminance and beam distance, LED floodlights with higher wattage or using multiple floodlights may be a better choice.
Compared with traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and metal halide lamps, LED floodlights have the advantages of higher energy efficiency, better light quality, longer life, more intelligent control and environmental protection.

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