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Contemporary Style – creating a modern and uncluttered space


As an interior designer, I have always been influenced by the contemporary design style. Contemporary style is a classic and thorough design style that is characterized by simplicity, cleanliness, straight lines and geometric shapes.

Compared to traditional styles, contemporary style is more modern, emphasizing the architectural elements and decorative details of a room, the use of neutral tones and natural materials, and the use of light and space.

In this article, I will share some of the essentials on how to master the contemporary design style and how to create a modern, yet welcoming atmosphere in a space.

The foundation of contemporary style: simplicity, cleanliness, straight lines and geometric shapes

The foundations of contemporary style are simplicity, cleanliness, straight lines and geometric shapes. In a contemporary style space, every element is there to achieve these foundations. This includes furniture, walls, floors, windows, and decorative objects.

Of course, minimalism does not mean simple and uninteresting, but instead requires more design thinking about how to add more interest and personalization to the minimalist foundation.

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Contemporary style color matching: the use of neutral tones and natural materials

The color scheme of contemporary style emphasizes the use of neutral tones, such as white, gray and black, which are both modern and classic and not easily outdated. In addition, contemporary style also emphasizes the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone, metal and glass, which can bring more texture and naturalness to the space.

Contemporary style furniture: simple, smooth, geometric contours and straight lines

Contemporary style furniture is usually clean, smooth, geometric contours and straight lines. The surfaces of the furniture are usually in solid colors and finishes, such as natural materials and plain surfaces, to highlight the simplicity and modernity of the furniture. In addition, the layout of the furniture needs to take into account the overall layout and usage needs of the space.

Textiles in contemporary style: neutral tones and textures

Contemporary style textiles also usually use neutral tones and textures, such as wool, cotton, linen, silk and jute, which not only have a textural feel but also add a creative element to the space.

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Contemporary Style Furniture Design

In contemporary style interior design, furniture is playing a vital role. Furniture should not only be beautiful and practical, but also harmonize with the whole room style.

For modern living room, furniture should be simple, smooth, geometric silhouette and straight lines, these furniture can help you to create a minimalist and modern atmosphere in the space. A simple but sophisticated style is usually created by using a clean white or neutral color palette with natural materials and plain surfaces.

For a modern bedroom, choose a simple bed frame and headboard, usually in a minimalist color such as white or gray. Bedding should also be simple and generous to accentuate the freshness and brightness of the entire space.

For a modern dining room, the table and chairs should be simple and structured, with some modern style tableware and decorations that can create a noble and elegant atmosphere.

Color choice of contemporary style

In contemporary interior design, neutrals, grays, blacks and whites are the classic signature colors used to define and furnish a room. Neutrals are an important starting point for introducing color cues and laying the foundation for expressive artwork and more individual objects.

It is also common practice to add appropriate colors to base tones such as gray and white. For example, in a modern living room, you can choose some warm decorations, such as red carpets and blue sofa cushions, which can make the whole space more cozy.

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Contemporary style of light design

In contemporary interior design, light design is also a very important aspect. The light of contemporary interior design is usually soft and hazy to create a warm and comfortable feeling.

You can choose some modern style lamps, such as modern led pendant lights or led track lighting, which can bring a unique artistic atmosphere to the room.

At the same time, the position of light is also important, you can arrange the position and direction of light according to the layout of the room, which can make the whole space more harmonious and comfortable.

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How to create a contemporary style bedroom?

When creating a contemporary style bedroom, a minimalist design should be the main focus, as this can make people feel calm and peaceful before going to sleep. A clean, fluid bed is the focal point of a bedroom, especially in a contemporary style. You can choose a headboard with simple geometric shapes or an unadorned bed frame that coordinates with the color of the floor to create a serene and modern atmosphere.

The walls of the bedroom can be in neutral colors, such as white, beige or gray. Some modern style artwork or photos can be hung on the walls to add some vibrancy and color. In the bedroom, simple bedding can be used, such as solid colors or sheets and duvet covers with simple patterns. In terms of color choices, natural neutrals such as beige, brown, white and black should be used to maintain an overall sense of simplicity.

To add a sense of space and modernity, you can use some simple furniture and accessories. For example, you can choose a simple dressing table with just a mirror and some basic cosmetics on it. In addition, you can choose a simple drawer bedside table with only a simple lamp and a book on it, which can make the bedroom look more neat and clean.

Finally, lay some soft and comfortable carpets on the floor of the bedroom to create a cozy feeling. You can choose some rugs that have a modern feel, such as low-pile rugs or rugs with geometric shapes that coordinate with the overall style of the bedroom.

In creating a modern style bedroom, you should pursue a simple, modern, comfortable feeling, as far as possible to reduce excessive decoration and details to maintain the overall balance and harmony.

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Modern style bathroom design tips

Modern style bathroom design is usually characterized by clean, simple, smooth lines and neutral tones, emphasizing a sense of modernity and functionality. In the modern style of bathroom design, should be as little as possible to reduce the decoration and details to maintain the overall simplicity and modernity.

When it comes to choosing materials, choose tiles or stone with a modern feel, such as marble or granite. In terms of color

Contemporary Style Accessories

As an important part of contemporary style, the choice of accessories also needs to follow the principle of simplicity. When choosing decorative accessories, we should avoid choosing overly complex patterns and decorations and keep it simple and clean.

For example, in a modern bedroom, we can choose simple and exquisite decorations, such as a modern painting or an artistic ornament, which can add a sense of layering and art to the room.

In addition, modern style also pays great attention to the use of light, so you can choose some simple and exquisite lamps to enhance the atmosphere and quality of the whole room.

Contemporary Style Window Treatments

In contemporary style interior design, window decoration is also a very important element. We can choose some simple and practical curtains, such as solid-colored Roman curtains or simple blinds, to meet different needs.

In addition, you can also choose some gauze curtains with higher transparency, so that natural light can better enter the room and create a comfortable and natural atmosphere.

Of course, if there are conditions, you can choose some large glass windows to let the natural light fully irradiate the room, creating a bright, transparent sense of space.

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The contemporary style of interior design focuses on the principles of simplicity, modernity and practicality to create a comfortable and natural living environment. When decorating, we can consider many aspects such as color matching, furniture selection, textiles, accessories and window decorations to create a perfect contemporary style home.

However, in all the decoration process, the most important thing is to stick to your own style and preference, and reflect your own personality and taste in the design as much as possible. If you have more professional problems want to understand, you can always contact us, we will provide you with professional Commercial LED Lighting Solutions.

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