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Can you have too much recessed lighting?

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Have you ever struggled with too much lighting, or are you always looking for the perfect balance of lighting? Recessed lighting is a popular choice in the design of homes and commercial spaces. However, a key question arises: Is it possible that you have too much recessed lighting? This article will delve into this issue and provide you with ways to create the ideal lighting atmosphere.

Learn about recessed lighting

First, let’s understand the basic concepts of recessed lighting. These fixtures are usually installed inside the ceiling to focus light on specific areas. They often not only save space, but also improve indoor visual comfort.

Recessed lighting has a wide range of applications and is suitable for different occasions. Whether in a home living room, dining room, bedroom, or a commercial space such as an office, shop, or restaurant, recessed lighting can bring a modern feel and clear visual effect to the space.

However, when it comes to lighting, the KOSOOM brand becomes your first choice. KOSOOM is famous for providing high-quality lighting products. Our products include LED track lights, LED indoor spotlights, long LED light strips, etc., which can meet various needs and help you achieve the ideal lighting effect.

Advantages of recessed lighting

The advantages of recessed lighting cannot be ignored. First, they are space savers. Because they are hidden inside the ceiling, they don’t take up valuable real estate, which is especially beneficial for small rooms or low-ceiling situations.

In addition, recessed lighting can provide even light distribution, avoiding harsh glare and uneven shadows. This means your room will be more comfortable and the light will be softer, like natural light.

The Pitfalls of Too Much Recessed Lighting

However, everything comes in degrees. When you overuse recessed lighting, you may run into some problems.

The first is the problem of excessive brightness. You may feel like you are in an operating room, which is definitely not the feeling you want. Too much light can cause discomfort, especially in a home environment.

Additionally, too many recessed lighting fixtures can create too many shadows, making the room look particularly eerie. This can be unsettling and reduce the comfort of the space.

Moreover, unnecessary lighting will lead to energy waste, which is obviously not in line with the concept of environmental protection. This is a worrying issue for modern people who are increasingly aware of environmental protection.

How to find the perfect balance

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As we strive to find the perfect balance in recessed lighting, there are some key factors to consider to ensure there is just enough light, but not too much. Here are some detailed suggestions:

Consider room size and shape:

The size and shape of a room is one of the important factors in determining lighting needs. Large rooms often require more light to ensure the entire space is properly illuminated. On the contrary, small rooms can use fewer lamps to avoid excessive light. In addition, the shape of the room also needs to be considered. Corners may be darker, so additional light fixtures may be needed to fill these areas.

Determine the purpose of the room:

Different room uses require different types of lighting. Living rooms and kitchens often require bright light to support various activities such as reading, cooking and entertaining. Bedrooms, on the other hand, are more suitable for soft lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere. In commercial spaces, offices need bright lighting to improve work efficiency, while restaurants need to create a warm dining atmosphere. Therefore, first determine the main purpose of the room and then choose a lighting solution accordingly.

Consider lighting fixtures in different areas:

A room often contains multiple areas, each of which may require a different type of light fixture. For example, in a living room, a reading nook may require an adjustable table lamp, while an area used for entertaining may require a pendant or wall sconce. In the kitchen, worktops require bright below lighting, while dining tables require soft overhead lighting. Therefore, when choosing lamps, choose according to the needs of different areas to ensure balanced lighting throughout the room.

Personal Preferences and Atmosphere:

It is also important to consider the personal preferences of the occupants or users. Some people like bright light because it increases alertness and energy. While some people prefer soft light as it creates a peaceful and cozy atmosphere. In a home environment, understanding the lighting preferences of family members can help adjust light fixtures to meet everyone’s needs. In a business environment, employee and customer comfort and preferences should also be considered to improve productivity and customer experience.

Finally, don’t forget the diversified lighting solutions of the KOSOOM brand. No matter what your needs are, KOSOOM has suitable products, whether it is LED track lights, LED indoor spotlights, or long LED light strips, they can meet your lighting needs. Therefore, in the process of pursuing perfect balance, KOSOOM brand will become your strong supporter and help you achieve the ideal lighting effect.

Effective Recessed Lighting Design Tips

To ensure an effective design for recessed lighting, you may consider the following tips:

Choose the appropriate lighting type: Choose LED track lights, LED indoor spotlights or long LED light strips, etc. according to the needs of the room.

Consider layout: distribute light fixtures wisely to ensure even light coverage throughout the space.

Use a dimmer: Use a dimmer to adjust the light intensity to meet the needs of different situations.

Energy efficiency and environmental considerations

Energy efficiency and environmental protection are not only hot topics of concern in today’s society, but also one of the factors that we must prioritize when considering lighting solutions. In this field, choosing LED recessed lighting is a wise decision.

Energy efficiency refers to using less energy to produce the same or more light. LED lighting fixtures are known for their efficient energy utilization. Compared with traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, LED lighting fixtures are more energy efficient. They convert more energy into light instead of heat, which makes LED lighting excellent at energy saving. Therefore, choosing KOSOOM brand LED recessed lighting can not only provide your space with excellent light, but also reduce your energy bills.

Environmental protection is another key factor. Traditional lighting fixtures contain harmful substances such as mercury, which can be harmful to the environment when handled and discarded. However, LED lamps do not contain harmful substances and are therefore environmentally friendly during production, use and disposal stages. In addition, due to their long life, LED lamps reduce the frequency of replacement of lighting equipment and reduce the generation of waste lamps.

Custom High Brightness LED Light L608*608*62*28mm  SL931GL040 Linear Lighting Energy Saving 40W 4800LM-Kosoom-Linear Lights
Custom High Brightness LED Light L608*608*62*28mm SL931GL040 Linear Lighting Energy Saving 40W 4800LM-Kosoom-Linear Lights

The KOSOOM brand has always adhered to the concept of environmental protection and adopted green technology in the product design and manufacturing process to reduce adverse impacts on the environment. Our LED recessed lighting is not only efficient, it’s also an environmentally friendly option, providing a unique lighting experience for your space while protecting the future of our planet.

When choosing a lighting solution, consider not only aesthetics and performance, but also energy efficiency and environmental protection. By choosing KOSOOM brand LED recessed lighting, you can achieve efficient lighting while actively participating in environmental protection and contributing to a sustainable future. Whether you use LED recessed lighting in a home or commercial environment, you can enjoy its superior lighting effects and environmentally friendly properties, bringing your space to life while protecting our precious planet.

Recessed linear luminaires: more choices, more possibilities

In the world of recessed lighting, recessed linear fixtures are a popular choice. Known for their elongated design and even light distribution, they are suitable for a variety of interior locations, from offices to shops and exhibition spaces. Before we dive into recessed linear lighting fixtures, let’s take a look at their advantages and how they can be used in different scenarios.

Advantages of recessed linear luminaires

Recessed linear lighting fixtures offer unique advantages in many ways. First, they provide an even, soft distribution of light. This makes them ideal for creating comfortable lighting environments, especially in places where you need to work or stay indoors for long periods of time, such as offices or conference rooms.

Additionally, the design of recessed linear lighting fixtures is very modern and stylish and can enhance the overall look of the space. They can often be recessed into ceilings or walls and take up no additional space, allowing great flexibility in design.

Applications in different scenarios

Recessed linear lighting fixtures play an important role in a variety of scenarios. Here are some examples:

·Office environment: In offices, recessed linear lights can provide enough lighting to help employees stay highly focused and alert.

·Stores and retail spaces: In stores, linear lighting fixtures can highlight products while providing customers with a comfortable shopping environment.

·Exhibitions and galleries: In art exhibitions and galleries, linear lamps can precisely control light to achieve the best display of artworks.

·Restaurants and Bars: In restaurants and bars, recessed linear lights can create a unique atmosphere for customers to enjoy food and entertainment.

KOSOOM brand linear lighting solutions

When choosing recessed linear lighting fixtures, the KOSOOM brand is your best choice. Our range of linear lighting fixtures include a variety of sizes, shapes and light control options to suit different needs. Whether you’re looking for energy-saving lighting solutions for your office or unique lighting effects for your restaurant, KOSOOM has the product for you.

The KOSOOM brand is known for its high quality, reliability and innovation. Our linear lamps not only provide excellent lighting performance, but also have excellent energy-saving effects, helping to reduce energy consumption and comply with modern environmental protection concepts.

So, no matter which scene you are looking for the ideal lighting solution, KOSOOM’s recessed linear luminaires can meet your needs and provide the best lighting experience.

Recessed track lights: an outstanding choice for modern lighting

Recessed track lights are a star choice in modern interior lighting. These fixtures combine flexibility and design beauty, making them a popular choice for commercial and domestic lighting. They are designed to provide even and bright lighting while maintaining a modern feel to the space. With the help of recessed track lights, you can create eye-catching lighting effects, whether for decorative or functional lighting.

Diverse applications

The variety of applications for recessed track lighting is breathtaking. Whether you’re looking to brighten your family’s living room, dining room, or commercial space such as a gallery, shop, or office, you’ll find a use for recessed track lighting. They are suitable for different occasions and needs, bringing a unique modern atmosphere to interior spaces.

Flexibility and adjustability

One of the best features of recessed track lights is their flexibility and adjustability. These fixtures can often be moved on tracks to meet the lighting needs of different areas. This means you can adjust the direction and intensity of the light to suit the occasion and personal preference. Whether you need a strong spotlight effect or soft ambient lighting, recessed track lights can easily do the job.

KOSOOM’s recessed track lighting products

When it comes to recessed track lights, the KOSOOM brand once again stands out. As experts in lighting, KOSOOM offers a range of high-quality, versatile recessed track lights designed to meet a variety of lighting needs. Whether you need to highlight artwork in a gallery or create unique lighting effects for products in a store, KOSOOM’s recessed track lights provide the perfect solution.

Personalized lighting design

KOSOOM brand recessed track lights are not only excellent in performance, but also unique in design. We understand that every space has its own unique needs and style, so we provide personalized lighting design solutions. Whether your space is modern, classic or retro, KOSOOM has the right recessed track lighting to ensure your lighting design complements the style of your space.

Energy saving and environmental protection

In modern society, energy efficiency and environmental protection have become key considerations in the lighting field. KOSOOM brand recessed track lights use LED technology, which means they not only provide excellent lighting effects, but also significantly reduce energy consumption. Choosing KOSOOM’s recessed track lights will not only bring excellent lighting to your space, but also help protect the environment.


Recessed track lights are a staple in modern interior lighting, and their flexibility, versatile applications, and design aesthetics make them popular. The KOSOOM brand stands out for its high-quality, multi-functional recessed track lighting products, providing you with personalized lighting solutions. Whether you want to create a warm atmosphere in your home space or need unique lighting effects in your commercial space, KOSOOM can meet your needs. Choose KOSOOM’s recessed track lights to light up your space and your life.

Find the perfect balance

By taking a deep dive into recessed lighting, we’ve seen how to achieve the perfect balance of lighting in your space. Whether in a home or commercial setting, recessed lighting can provide comfortable, stylish illumination, but must be used with caution to avoid problems caused by over-lighting.

Remember, the KOSOOM brand is known for providing high-quality lighting products, and our multiple product types can meet various needs and help you achieve the ideal lighting effect.

So, don’t hesitate, let us light up your life, all at KOSOOM! Whatever lighting method you choose, make sure it matches the needs of the space so your home or commercial space has the perfect lighting balance.


Q: Is recessed lighting suitable for all types of spaces?

A: Recessed lighting is a versatile lighting solution suitable for many different types of spaces, including home living rooms, commercial offices, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They are suitable for any environment requiring modern, even lighting.

Q: How do I choose the recessed lighting product that’s right for me?

A: Choosing the appropriate recessed lighting products depends on your space needs and personal preferences. If you need intense lighting, LED track lights may be a good choice. If you prefer a softer atmosphere, LED indoor spotlights may be more suitable.

Q: Can too much recessed lighting cause problems?

A: Yes, too much recessed lighting can cause a host of problems, including over-brightness, shadows, wasted energy, and more. Therefore, careful consideration is needed when designing lighting schemes to avoid overuse.

Q: Are KOSOOM brand lighting products environmentally friendly?

A: Yes, KOSOOM brand lighting products use LED technology, which has excellent energy efficiency and helps reduce energy consumption. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice.

Q: Does the KOSOOM brand offer customized lighting solutions?

A: Yes, the KOSOOM brand provides customized lighting solutions to meet customers’ special needs. Whether you need a lighting solution for your home or commercial space, we can provide personalized advice and products.


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