Why are LEDs considered to be the safest luminaire?

Why are LEDs considered to be the safest luminaire?

LED luminaires are one of the most popular lighting solutions in the world today. Due to their cost-effectiveness and efficiency, they are used extensively in both indoor and outdoor lighting. These lamps are so advanced and affordable that traditional luminaires cannot match them in every respect. LEDs can be used in a wide range of luminaires and this, combined with their longer lifespan, makes LEDs the most reversible luminaire in all areas today. These lighting devices are considered to be the safest lighting option to date. Indeed, you heard it right, LEDs do not cause any health problems. Let's read further to find out how this works.

LEDs are not harmful to our eyes

According to statistics, people working and moving around in spaces illuminated by LEDs are less likely to complain of eye strain and headaches compared to conventional luminaires. LEDs not only prevent harmful side effects on the eyes, they can also be used for skin and health therapies, as the light emitted by LEDs does not contain UV rays.
LED luminaires are DC driven and do not have the stroboscopic effect of AC drive, which reduces damage to the eyes and provides a vision-protective effect.
Although the lamps contain blue light, this light is also present in natural light from the sun. However, everyone knows that too much is bad, so we need to limit the amount of time we use the screen, but compared to other options on the market, LED is the best.

LEDs help maintain circadian rhythms

As technology has advanced, we have noticed a huge change in the LED industry. Now, human-centred LED luminaires are designed in such a way that our biological clocks are aligned with natural light. It works in harmony with the Earth's natural light cycle and can be programmed to mimic daylight. As a result, it offers many benefits such as - mood enhancement, productivity, protection of eyesight and much more.

LEDs do not contain toxic substances

LEDs are all solid light emitters, impact resistant and unbreakable, recyclable, non-polluting and reduce the production of harmful gases such as sulphur dioxide and nitrogen and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, improving people's living environment and making them "green lighting sources."

LEDs made by lamp manufacturers such as KOSOOM do not contain any toxic substances that could harm us, such as mercury. Compared to other fluorescent lamps such as CFLs, these lamps are good for us because they are easy to recycle and cost effective. Manufacturers who insist on guaranteeing the quality of each product while being green never sell items that are harmful to the environment. So, always buy from the relevant brands.

LEDs can be adjusted to different colour temperatures

As technology advances, LEDs are available in different colour temperatures, from cool blue to warm yellow. By using the correct colour temperature, we can reduce exposure to bright light. But in some cases, bright light can also be beneficial to us. When using LED glare to illuminate places such as streets and large schoolyards, these lamps make our surroundings safer.

Therefore, the use of the highest quality LED lighting fixtures, both indoors and outdoors, should be a top priority. This is the only way we can take advantage of the best that LED has to offer.
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