Choosing the Right LED Track Light: Factors to Keep in Mind

Choosing the Right LED Track Light: Factors to Keep in Mind

One of the most popular LED products on the market today is LED track lights. This product, like other LED series products, is not just a lighting technology product, but also one of the special lighting products. It combines lighting and decoration to enhance the beauty of different spaces. Let's explore this product with Kosoom!

About the structure of LED track spotlights

  • Light source:

With a power efficiency of over 90%, it helps to save costs to the maximum compared to LED spotlights using old halogen technology.

  • LED chip:

The LED chip is manufactured on modern and reputable production lines. It creates a deep space for indoor design, concentrating light height, and maximizing the best lighting function.

  • Heat sink:

Good heat dissipation design, deep groove design of aluminum alloy material, reduces the power cost of the heat dissipation device, and helps to increase the lighting time of the lamp to 30,000 hours.

  • Lamp shell:

The shell is made of aluminum, so it is very durable and can withstand strong impact during transportation or installation. The external powder coating is safe for users and can protect the lamp from oxidation, affecting the lamp's service life.

  • LED surface:

Uses optical lenses to create the most efficient lighting.



Features of LED track lights

  • Projection angle:

The projection angle can be selected from 24°, 36°, and 55°. The selection is the most perfect projection angle for lighting, focusing the light on the projected object for easy viewing and attention by customers.

  • Rotatable joint:

The most intelligent design of the product, it can rotate vertically 90 degrees and horizontally 350 degrees, easily moving and navigating the light in the most flexible way to meet users' needs.

  • Track:

It is a product that supports the installation of LED track lights. It has an aluminum shell and powder-coated electric insulation design, which is safe. The product is available in three sizes: 1m, 2m, and 3m, making it easy to assemble according to user needs. It is this flexibility that makes LED track lights so popular in commercial applications.

  • Good heat dissipation:

The aluminum shell structure has good heat dissipation, and the external safe powder coating provides security for users. In addition, it adopts intelligent air convection design, which helps to improve heat dissipation efficiency and make the lamp more durable. Furthermore, aluminum material is quite lightweight, making it easy to install and safely maintain.

  • COB chip:

It has high luminous characteristics. This product line uses only COB LED chips, without combining SMD and COB chips like other product codes. Therefore, the projected object has a very high color rendering index (CRI > 80+), attracting attention from viewers with the most beautiful and realistic colors.



Considerations for Buying Track Lights

  • Color Temperature Selection:

3000K (Yellow): Used for decorative LED track lights in cafes, restaurants, kitchens, traditional and classic create a comfortable space.

4000K (Neutral): Gift shops, furniture stores, exhibition halls...more luxurious, more artistic.

6500K (White): Suitable for silver jewelry shops, clothing stores.



  • CRI Selection:

Ra>80: Suitable for ordinary places, department stores, etc.

Ra>90: Suitable for high-end places, clothing stores, galleries, museums, etc.


  • Power Selection: Below 2m:

As a space with low ceilings, use small-capacity spotlights, 10W or less. 2m-3m: 12W-20W power is the most suitable. Above 3m: (the ceiling space is relatively high), it is recommended to choose a large-capacity LED spotlight model of 20-50W to ensure the illuminance and brightness of the decoration.

  • Installation Distance:

The installation distance is also an important factor in ensuring a reasonable layout of the space, creating a focus for the products and objects that need to be illuminated. 30-50cm is the distance suitable for large spaces. 50-70cm is the most suitable distance from the spotlight to the projected object. Therefore, using a 1m track, 2 to 4 spotlights can be installed, depending on capacity and space.

Applications of LED Spotlights

  • In addition to being used as the main lighting in a room, LED spotlights can also be used as decorative items to add beauty to other spaces.
  • The biggest advantage of this product in lighting is that it concentrates the emitted light on one point, making the illuminated object stand out from surrounding objects.
  • Therefore, in lighting for galleries, jewelry stores, clothing stores, etc., LED spotlights are often chosen...the purpose of which is to highlight the beauty of artistic works by focusing the light on one object.


If you have lighting needs for supermarkets, stores, offices, restaurants, etc., you can check out our online store products. We will provide you with free consultation and lighting design services, from plan planning to lamp installation and debugging technical support. We have a strong product supply chain, all products are CE, ROHS certified, complete product portfolio, 24-hour online service response, and faster delivery speed.

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