Kosoom Office Lighting Fixtures

Kosoom Office Lighting Fixtures

Plays an extremely important role in creating a comfortable and pleasant working atmosphere to maximize productivity and work efficiency. Kosoom Office Ceiling LED Light was born to meet the lighting efficiency and aesthetic requirements of your office.

Office pendant LED linear light
The office chandelier is composed of four main parts: lamp body, LED chip, lampshade and power supply.

lamp body
The lamp body is made of aluminum, and the exterior is coated with powder coating, which not only ensures the absolute safety of the user, but also ensures the beauty, and can also prevent the product from rusting and is durable.

LED chip
It can be said that this is the most important part of LED lighting, because it determines the naturalness of light and the stability and uniformity of light. Therefore, the LED chips used in bare LED lights usually use strip LED chips, with rows of LED eyes extending across the entire surface to help create a wide light-emitting area.

The part of the ceiling lampshade has the function of protecting the internal components of the lamp body from malfunctions caused by environmental and external factors. In addition, the lampshade also helps the light emitted by the LED lamp to be stable and even, without dazzling and causing eye fatigue.

power supply
In order to help the lamp work stably and not flicker when the current changes suddenly, we have configured an extra power supply for this product. This is also the heart of the product, the presence of the power supply will keep the luminaire running optimally, helping to maintain the life of the luminaire.

Advantages of office pendant LED line lights

Not only can you choose surface installation or recessed ceiling installation according to the type of ceiling, the simple color can also coordinate with most interior decorations, embellishing your work space more sparkling.

Office workers work for more than 8 hours a day. Long hours of work can easily make people feel tired and bored. Adopting our LED pendant light fixtures will bring you a perfect working space and eliminate fatigue and stress at work.

super power saving
Kosoom's LED panel light uses a high-efficiency LED chip light-emitting system, which can save up to 90% of electricity compared with traditional light bulbs. Using our LED lamps will save you considerable electricity bills.

excellent light quality
The product adopts LED light source, which can not only provide the necessary light, but also play the role of anti-glare, and protect the eyes of people working under the light in the best way, so as to improve efficiency and work better.

If you have office lighting needs, you can click here to view our products, we will provide you with free consultation and lighting design services, from program planning to technical support for lamp installation and commissioning. We have a strong product supply chain, products have passed CE, ROHS certification, have a complete product portfolio, online service response within 24 hours, faster delivery speed,
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