Do you want to make your commercial space appear larger through lighting?

Do you want to make your commercial space appear larger through lighting?

Spending 8-9 hours a day in a cramped workspace not only affects work performance but also directly impacts the mental health of employees. Sometimes, it's not that your space is really small, but rather the result of poor arrangement.

From redesigning the interior layout to optimizing the lighting system, you can easily make full use of the full potential of the given space. However, the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way is to adopt a suitable lighting solution.

Thanks to the advancement in lighting industry technology and research, we have multiple ways to illuminate office spaces and make them more attractive and spacious. Many business owners and leaders have recognized the importance of lighting and are now adopting the latest technologies to unleash the untapped lighting potential of their spaces, bringing innovation to their workspaces.

To fully utilize your space, you can consider the following:

  • Install a variety of lighting fixtures:

We should abandon the traditional single light fixture for illuminating spaces and instead opt for different types of fixtures. For small spaces, many lighting designers suggest using multiple light sources instead of a single central source. Arrange different types of fixtures based on the space layout to ensure that the entire area is well-lit and there are no dark spots that could cause harm to employees.

Believe me, in an efficient office space, darkness is something you must consider. Therefore, brightly illuminating the office space can improve employee work efficiency and maintain their physical and mental health.


  • Lights and Recessed Lighting

To better illuminate your space, it is recommended to use recessed lighting or downlights as ceiling centerpieces. Recessed lighting takes up very little space but provides strong illumination, making it suitable for compact spaces with low ceilings. On the other hand, the angle of downlights can be adjusted to illuminate every dark corner of the room, making them very practical.

KOSOOM also provides indoor recessed lighting series such as STL001 and STL002, as well as downlights series such as CDL and CSL, to help you optimize your space. These fixtures not only perform well and are reliable, but they are also glare-free and durable.


  • Backlighting

Another technique to enhance the appeal and depth of your space is to incorporate backlighting. This is an excellent way to eliminate darkness behind furniture and décor and create a more layered illusion. LED light strips can be installed behind displays, wall murals, or artwork to achieve an overall cohesive look.



  • Natural lighting

Natural daylight gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Making use of natural light can make your space look larger, but this is limited to the geographic location of your space, which needs to be at the edge of the floor.

To achieve this, it is recommended to remove extra solid surfaces (such as partition walls or screens) to avoid obstructing the passage of this light. In addition, curtains should be selected carefully. They should be as light as possible in terms of color and material, and the rails should be long enough to keep the window space open when the curtains are pulled back. These precautions will benefit your employees' vision and overall health in various ways.

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