Permettersi i Marchi is a warehouse-style shoe and bag store. The project is located in Permettersi i Marchi - Abbigliamento, Calzature & Accessori, Corso Dante Alighieri, 30, 12100 Cuneo CN, Italy. Kosoom provides key lighting for the merchandise area.
Design and installation plan
Warehouse-style shoe and bag sales stores need the overall lighting effect of the store, so that customers can quickly identify the products they need to buy, and improve the flow rate of personnel. Products such as clothing, shoes and bags have high requirements on the color rendering index of lights, in order to perfectly present the best effect , the product display area adopts CSL004-A series elephant trunk lights as key lighting.

According to the position of the shelf, high-resolution lamps and lanterns are used to illuminate the products in the window to attract customers into the store. The aisle area adopts flat lamps to provide customers with transparent lighting, and at the same time has a visual guiding effect.

The shelf display area uses CSL004-A series elephant trunk lights with a CRI greater than Ra90 as key lighting for shoes and bags to better show the texture of shoes and bags, best restore the original color, and guide consumers' impulse shopping. The deeper light source The concealed design also brings customers a better visual experience and reduces the glare of the light source on the human eye.
Corresponding product: CSL004-A series
Advantages of lighting scheme:
Bright lighting effect, promote purchase! High CRI improves product texture, stimulates purchase desire, and increases purchase rate! Stable lamp temperature control makes lamp life up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption. The longer the use time, the more energy-saving effect obvious!
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