KOSOOM x Farmacia fares

KOSOOM x Farmacia fares

Farmacia fares is a comprehensive store integrating pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and skin care products. The overall architectural decoration is in a simple and bright style. The project is located at Via de Gasperi, 1, 71038 Pietramontecorvino FG, Italy.
Farmacia fares
In order to facilitate customers to quickly purchase goods for the purpose, the entire lighting adopts bright lighting effects to promote transactions.
angle spotlights

According to the architectural characteristics, the CSL003-A series concealed adjustable angle spotlights with CRI>Ra90 are used in the surrounding ceiling area as the basic lighting and some products as key lighting, so as to better present the products.

The atrium uses CRI>Ra90 TRL003 series track spotlights as the key lighting and atmosphere lighting of the atrium to create a sense of spatial hierarchy.

According to the decoration requirements, the cashier counter adopts custom-made chandeliers to ensure the cashier and product identification work. The CSL003-A series adjustable angle spotlights with CRI>Ra90 are used behind the cashier counter to provide key lighting for the goods on the shelf.
If you need to customize special lighting according to the decoration design, we also provide this service. Please contact us to provide your needs, and we will respond within 24 hours.

Corresponding product

  • CSL003-A\TRL003 series

Advantages of lighting scheme:
"Simple and bright, fast shopping!
Stable lamp temperature control makes the lamp life up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption, the longer the use time, the more obvious the energy saving effect! "
Kosoom provides customers with free consultation and lighting design services, from program planning to technical support for lighting installation and commissioning. We have a strong product supply chain, all products have passed CE, ROHS certification, have a complete product portfolio, online service response within 24 hours, and faster delivery.

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