KOSOOM X ABM showroom lighting solution

KOSOOM X ABM showroom lighting solution

The ABM showroom is located at Via Giacomo Brodolini, 11, 20863 Concorezzo, and covers an area of 2,500 square metres, displaying tens of thousands of gifts large and small, and the overall colour is bright.

Design and installation plan

"Negotiation" area: MLL003-A series linear luminaires are used as ambient lighting for the negotiation area.
Display area: TRL003 series track luminaires are used to illuminate the merchandise displays. 
Negotiation area: MLL003-A Series linear luminaires are uniformly arranged to provide bright ambient lighting for business negotiations and data verification.
Display area: TRL003 series linear luminaires with CRI > Ra90 are used to illuminate merchandise on façade shelves to create points of attraction, increase customer dwell time and encourage purchase requests!

Corresponding product
Negotiating area: MLL003-A series

Display area: SLL003-A series

Advantages of the lighting scheme:
Distinguish between primary and secondary lighting, create excitement!High CRI enhances the quality of gifts, stimulates the desire to buy, and increases the purchase rate! Stable temperature control of lamps makes the life of lamps up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption. The longer the use time, the more energy-saving effect The more obvious!
Kosoom provides customers with free consultation and lighting design services, from program planning to technical support for lighting installation and commissioning. We have a strong product supply chain, all products have passed CE, ROHS certification, have a complete product portfolio, online service response within 24 hours, and faster delivery.

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