KOSOOM's green, environmentally friendly and efficient lighting concept

TCL Portugal's offices are located on Via Interna de Ligação ao Porto de Leixões, Leça da Palmeira is an open plan office space. For the lighting scheme of the open plan office, we proposed separate illumination levels for the work areas and corridor areas to save energy, protect the environment and add a sense of hierarchy to the space.

The executive office space features a grille ceiling, and we conceal or recess mount the luminaire into the ceiling to ensure that working under the light is not distracting. The SLL002-A series line luminaire is used to provide soft and efficient lighting, and the CSL006-A, a recessed spotlight with good anti-glare, is used in the walkway to perfectly integrate into the decorative ceiling.


The SLL002-A series linear luminaire is used for work lighting in the open office of the grassroots management. The closer distance from the work surface can effectively prevent uncomfortable glare and save energy consumption at the same time, and the TRL008 rail spotlight is used with the aisle path for aisle guidance lighting.If you need to customize special shape lighting according to the decoration design, we also provide this service, please contact us to provide your requirements, we will respond within 24 hours.


In the video conference room and other spaces where the overall space illumination has a uniform demand, we use PLB002 series products to fit the ceiling perfectly, and the highest luminous efficiency can reach 140LM/W, which has a significant power-saving effect compared with similar products of other brands.


In the conference room space, to ensure the overall coordination of lighting and decoration design, the SLL002-A series of line lights are used to do desktop lighting by hanging or pendent lighting, the aisle area uses embedded CDL001-E for activity lighting, and the ceiling corners use the light strip STL001 to create ambient lighting, making the entire meeting space more layered.

Corresponding products:

Open office: SLL002-A\CSL006-A\TRL008 series
Conference room: SLL002-A\CDL001-E\STL001\PLB002 series

Advantages of the lighting program:

1. Increase productivity
2. Create comfortable working space and visual atmosphere
3.Stable temperature control of the luminaire makes the life of the luminaire up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption, the longer the use time, the more obvious the energy saving effect!


Kosoom provides free consulting and lighting design services for customers, from program planning to technical support for the installation and commissioning of lamps and lanterns. We have a strong product supply chain, products are CE, ROHS certified, with a complete product portfolio, online service response within 24 hours, faster delivery.