KOSOOM × Italian Chinatown Whiskey Bar

KOSOOM × Italian Chinatown Whiskey Bar

In order to eliminate the hustle and bustle of the city and the fatigue of the office building, we provide lighting schemes with light and dark contrasts to create a light, luxurious and casual atmosphere, and create a comfortable and slow living space for customers. This project is located at Via Paolo Sarpi, 31 , 20154 Milano MI.

The main lighting of the Whiskey Bar uses TRL008 to meet the illumination of the cashier and merchandise sales while also coordinating with the decoration design.

Considering the display of the merchandise shelf and the staff's quick access, we partially set up the STL002 light strip for bureau lighting, so that the merchandise becomes eye-catching and bright. The bar edge is also set up with light strips for wall washing effect, which can play a guiding role for the vision.

The card table area still uses TRL008 spotlights to light up the table and corner decorative plants, and then with a floor lamp partially lit, so that the light effect of the whole space is more soft and more layered.

The aisle area is no longer dedicated to aisle lighting, only the light flooding from the card holder area can meet the basic passage needs.
In order to highlight the depth and hierarchy of the whole space, TRL008 spotlights are set on the local walls to achieve the wall washing effect.

If you need to customize special shape lighting according to the decoration design, we also provide this service, please contact us to provide your requirements, we will respond within 24 hours.

Corresponding products:

Bar area: STL002 series
Card table area: TRL008 series

Advantages of the lighting program:

1. Pull in the distance between customers
2. Create a cozy, slow life atmosphere
3. Stable temperature control of lamps and lanterns, so that the lamp life up to 30,000 hours, while reducing energy consumption, the longer you use, the more obvious energy-saving effect

Kosoom provides free consulting and lighting design services for customers, from program planning to technical support for the installation and commissioning of lamps and lanterns. We have a strong product supply chain, products are CE, ROHS certified, with a complete product portfolio, online service response within 24 hours, faster delivery.

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