A Comprehensive Guide to Lighting Solutions for Billiard Halls

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The importance of lighting in billiard halls?

Lighting plays a critical role in billiard halls. Sufficient lighting helps players see the balls on the table clearly and better control the direction of the cue and balls. Additionally, good lighting can enhance players’ focus and reaction times, allowing them to perform better.

Billiard halls also need adequate lighting for spectators to see the game and players’ performances clearly. Lastly, proper lighting design can improve the safety of billiard halls, avoiding accidents due to insufficient or uneven lighting.

Therefore, billiard halls need to carefully consider lighting design to provide sufficient lighting and create a comfortable, safe, and efficient environment.

In this blog, we will discuss the best lighting solutions for billiard halls and how these solutions can improve the overall experience for players.

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What are the key points for billiard hall lighting design?

Lighting design plays a critical role in providing a quality gaming experience in a billiard hall. The following are key points to consider when designing lighting for a billiard hall:

1、Even distribution of light

Even lighting is essential for a billiard hall. This means that the lighting level throughout the table should be uniform to avoid any shadows or spots on the billiard table.

This helps eliminate distractions and reflections that can affect players’ performance. Consistent lighting helps create a more attractive and welcoming atmosphere for players.

2、Appropriate lighting intensity

One of the most important factors to consider when designing a lighting system for a billiard hall is providing sufficient lighting. This is critical for players to see the balls and pockets clearly and accurately aim their shots.

Billiard halls generally require a level of illumination between 150-300 lux to ensure accuracy in gameplay and a pleasant viewing experience for spectators.

This can be achieved by combining overhead and table lighting. It is also important to ensure that players can see the entire table, including the rails and cushions, without any dark areas.

3、Appropriate color temperature

Another important factor is selecting the appropriate color temperature for the billiard room so that players can accurately identify the colors of the balls.

Generally, the color of the white ball should match the color of the white spot on the table. To achieve this, a natural color temperature between 4000K-5000K is recommended.

This temperature range provides enough light while also helping to reduce eye fatigue. However, if the selected color temperature is too high, it may cause visual discomfort and affect gameplay experience.

When choosing the color temperature, it is crucial to consider color consistency throughout the space. If a higher color temperature is used in one area of the billiard hall and a lower temperature is used in another area, the overall space may appear inconsistent, affecting the gaming experience.

Therefore, it is recommended that the color temperature of the lighting fixtures used in the entire billiard hall should not differ by more than 500K.

4、Avoid reflection glare

Avoid using high-reflectivity wall and floor materials as they may produce reflections on the billiard table, disturbing players’ vision. It is recommended to use materials with lower reflectivity for the decor and decorations in the billiard hall.

5、Avoid direct glare

Use shades or reduce the number of light sources to reduce direct glare from the lighting fixtures, which may interfere with players’ vision and reduce the gaming experience.

6、Energy-saving lighting

Energy-saving lighting is becoming increasingly important for businesses. Using energy-saving lighting in a billiard hall is necessary to save energy. The following are some energy-saving lighting options:

  • LED lights: LED lights are a high-efficiency, reliable, and easy-to-install lighting option. They can save up to 80% energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs.
  • Lighting control system: A lighting control system can automatically adjust the brightness of the lights based on the ambient light level, saving energy. An automatic shutdown system can also be installed to turn off the lighting when the billiard hall is not in use, and regular maintenance can ensure the lighting system’s highest efficiency.
  • Natural light: If the billiard hall has sufficient natural light, it can reduce the reliance on artificial light, thus saving energy.

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Lighting solutions for the billiard table area

Lighting design should take into account the location and layout of the billiard tables to ensure that each table has sufficient lighting and no obvious shadows or spots.

1、Even distribution of light

The billiard table area requires the highest level of even lighting to avoid any shadows or spots on the table.

To achieve this, it is recommended to set up individual focused lighting for each table and use a combination of multiple light sources, such as pendant lights, linear lights, or custom panel lights, installed above each table to evenly illuminate the surface.

2、Lighting intensity

Proper lighting intensity is crucial to ensure comfort during gameplay. Typically, the lighting intensity for the billiard table area is between 150-300 lux. Dimmers can be used to control the light intensity and adjust as needed.

3、Color temperature selection

The billiard table area requires people to maintain focus, so a color temperature between 4000K-5000K is typically chosen to ensure color accuracy and players’ gaming experience.

4、Glare control

Using diffused lampshades can make the lighting in the billiard table area softer, and pendant lights can use shades to prevent the light source from being exposed within the range of human vision, thus avoiding glare.

5、Installation height of lighting fixtures

The installation height of the lighting fixtures is also crucial. Pendant lights are typically recommended to be installed at a distance of 68-72 inches from the table surface, which will not interfere with the players’ movements or cause safety accidents, while also ensuring the lighting intensity on the table surface

If the lighting fixtures are ceiling-mounted, the wattage of the fixtures needs to be calculated based on the height to ensure that the table surface illuminance meets the requirements.

Lighting solutions for the rest area

The rest area is a place for players and spectators to rest and relax in the billiard hall. Therefore, the lighting design of the rest area needs to provide sufficient lighting while also creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

1、Lighting intensity

The lighting intensity of the rest area should be moderate, not too bright or too dim, with a suggested range between 100-200 lux.

If the lighting is too weak, people may feel depressed and tired, while if the lighting is too strong, people may feel uncomfortable and dazzled.

2、Color temperature selection

The rest area is usually designed to create a comfortable atmosphere, so the lighting should use a lower color temperature. Yellow lights with a color temperature between 2700K and 3000K can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

3、Lighting fixture selection

The lighting fixtures in the rest area should be selected to match the decoration style of the area. For example, traditional rest areas can choose chandeliers or wall lamps, while modern rest areas can choose ceiling fan lights or decorative lights.

4、Number and position of lighting fixtures

The number and position of lighting fixtures need to be adjusted according to the size and shape of the rest area. It is recommended to use multiple lighting fixtures and distribute them in different positions in the rest area to ensure even distribution of light.

Lighting solutions for the cashier area

The cashier area in a billiard hall is a very important area that requires sufficient lighting to ensure that staff can see the amounts of cash received and change given clearly.

1、Lighting intensity

The lighting intensity in the cashier area should be moderate, not too bright or too dim, with a recommended illuminance of 300 lux.

Lighting that is too bright can be uncomfortable and may cause eye fatigue, while lighting that is too dim may cause the cashier to be unable to see the denomination of the currency or coupons clearly, increasing the possibility of errors.

2、Lighting fixture selection

The lighting fixtures in the cashier area should be selected with appropriate style and design to match the overall decoration style of the billiard hall. Pendant tube lights, table lamps or decorative light fixtures are suitable options.

3、Color temperature selection

The lighting in the cashier area can use warm white light sources with a color temperature between 3000K and 4000K. This can create a comfortable atmosphere without affecting the cashier’s work.

How should the color rendering index (CRI) be selected in a billiard hall?

In a billiard hall, to ensure that players can see the colors and details of the billiard balls and cues clearly, and better control the direction of the cues and balls, the CRI of lighting fixtures should be ≥80.

What are the benefits of using a smart lighting system in a billiard hall?

A smart lighting system can bring many benefits to a billiard hall, including energy efficiency, comfort, safety, and convenience of management. If the billiard hall has a sufficient budget and wants to provide a better lighting experience and management efficiency, it can consider using a smart lighting system.

1、Energy Efficiency

A smart lighting system can reduce energy consumption by automatically adjusting lighting intensity, time, and scene factors.

Using technologies such as sensors and timers, a smart lighting system can adjust lighting intensity and time according to the usage of the billiard hall, avoiding unnecessary waste.


A smart lighting system can adjust lighting intensity, color temperature, and color factors according to the environment and user needs to provide a more comfortable lighting experience.

For example, soft lighting can be used in the rest area to create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere, while brighter lighting can be used in the pool table area to enhance visual effects.


A smart lighting system can increase lighting intensity at night and in low light conditions to improve safety and reduce accident risks. For example, automatic lighting systems can be used in staircases and corridors to ensure user safety.

4、Convenience of Management

A smart lighting system can be remotely controlled and managed through devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, making it easy for users to manage and control the lighting system.

For example, during sporting events, the lighting effects can be quickly adjusted through a smart lighting system to improve viewing and performance.

In summary, lighting is an important aspect of any billiard hall, and it is important to ensure that the lighting system design and installation can provide the best experience for players. Excellent lighting design can create a more attractive and enjoyable experience for customers, and by implementing these lighting solutions, billiard halls can provide their customers with unforgettable and enjoyable experiences.

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