10 Trends In Home Lighting Design For 2023

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Lighting is an essential element in your residential space, and as the quality of life improves, it has also gradually become a way for you to express your personality.

We have identified 10 trends in furniture lighting development for 2023, primarily from the perspectives of lighting decoration, lighting artistry, lighting practicality, and lighting energy efficiency, in the hope that they will be helpful to you.

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The branching chandelier has great appeal in any space, and if a larger fixture is used, we believe it can add even more visual interest to your room. However, we recommend choosing a suitable branching chandelier based on the room’s area and height.

Typically, using an oversized fixture in a staircase or living room can bring more interest, and many people enjoy the tremendous impact created by a multi-tiered, oversized branching chandelier.

We believe this trend will continue beyond 2023, and with increasing demand, more artistically designed branching chandeliers will emerge.

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  • Lighting integrated with gypsum boards

In 2023, gypsum materials will be everywhere. As a natural material, its flexible plasticity can make various spaces look better. Some designers propose integrating lighting fixtures with gypsum decorations or gypsum ceilings to provide lighting while making the space look clean and tidy.

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  • Layered lighting

In 2023, we believe more people will plan for more layered lighting in residential spaces. While meeting our daily functional needs, it will also create different atmospheres and increase visual effects. Setting up highlight lighting for exquisite murals to increase spatial hierarchy, bedside lighting for reading, and motion lighting for night trips can avoid the discomfort caused by sudden adaptation from a dark environment to a bright one.

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  • Pendant lights

In 2023, we will see more applications of pendant lights in many places, such as above dining tables, beside beds, and above workstations. We will also see more artistic pendant lights appearing.

The function of pendant lights is not just for lighting, but more often for expressing interior decoration styles and creating better visual effects.

Glass pendant lights are popular due to their semi-transparency, lightness, and ability to coordinate with any style from modern to farmhouse. Wooden pendant lights can give people a feeling of being in nature.

Combining with your decoration style, customized pendant lights with various colors, shapes, and textures can add more layers to your space.

  • Localized functional lighting

More and more people are not satisfied with single lighting fixtures to illuminate a space. They prefer to use a combination of various lighting fixtures to light up the space.

Using light strips as overall ambient lighting can also provide some basic lighting. Using floor lamps or table lamps as localized functional lighting for specific areas also serves a decorative purpose. Wall lamps can be used to add layers to the space and create a sense of depth.


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  • Artistic Desk Lamps

In creating a spatial hierarchy, desk lamps play an indispensable role. However, more and more people are no longer satisfied with monotonous and ordinary desk lamps, giving rise to more artistic lighting fixtures that combine with decorations to provide decorative lighting while expressing style and personality.

  • Garden Lighting

Many people tend to overlook garden lighting and only provide basic lighting, which merely satisfies the basic walking needs. But as we have observed, more and more gardens have become interesting, using various outdoor lighting decorations to decorate the garden, such as strip lights, which are an essential decorative lighting fixture for gardens.

However, when installing lighting fixtures, we need to remind you to be aware of the danger of electric shock and not to place high-voltage wires in areas where people often touch.

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  • LED Lighting

With LED technology becoming more and more mature, we believe it will continue to be popular in 2023. LED has many advantages, such as high luminous efficiency, flexible creativity, adjustable brightness and color temperature, ultra-long lifespan, environmental protection, and excellent color rendering index.

We believe that more LED products will be introduced in 2023, not only to replace traditional lighting fixtures but also to create more lighting products that can only be achieved with LED technology.

  • Healthy Lighting

Scientific research has found that light, as one of the main driving forces of the human circadian rhythm system, whether it is natural sunlight or artificial light sources, triggers a series of physiological rhythm reactions.

Light affects human health to varying degrees through visual and non-visual effects. Therefore, advocating for “healthy lighting” and improving light quality and comfort will be the trend after 2023.

We need to analyze healthy lighting from three aspects: the impact on the human circadian rhythm system, the impact of LED on the eyes, and the impact of light intensity on the eyes.

The solar spectrum is the healthiest spectrum, and the color temperature of sunlight varies throughout the day. In addition to having a spectrum that is closer to sunlight, we need to change the color temperature of our lighting fixtures over time to simulate natural daylight and maintain a healthy circadian rhythm indoors. Intelligent control technology is often used to achieve this effect.

Blue light and flicker from LEDs can be very harmful to the eyes. Although LED technology has advanced significantly, many unscrupulous manufacturers still produce low-quality LED products to save costs. However, high-quality products have overcome these issues. When purchasing lighting fixtures, it is important to choose those with relevant certifications to ensure healthy lighting.

It is well-known that soft light is more eye-friendly. In rooms where people will be working or engaging in activities for extended periods of time, we recommend using lighting fixtures with soft light capabilities. Although this may result in a loss of some light output, it is worthwhile for the sake of health. When using LED lighting, we recommend a color temperature not exceeding 4000K to avoid eye fatigue.

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  • Energy Saving

Energy saving is an issue that has always been of concern to various countries. It is believed that there will be more and more related regulations on this aspect after 2023. It is also very important for each of us to avoid unnecessary energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and avoid the generation of greenhouse effects.

We suggest using more efficient LED lamps to reduce energy consumption while ensuring the required illumination. In terms of lamp control, light-sensitive controllers can be set up to automatically adjust the luminous intensity of lamps according to the natural light intensity in the room, which also has good energy-saving effects.

We hope that the above analysis of 10 furniture lighting trends will be helpful to you. We will continue to share relevant knowledge.

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